about us

People look for the answer to that question in many ways. For some, it is associated with where you office. For others it relates to the type of clientele or range of services a firm offers. Still for others, it most clearly relates to the personalities of the people who make up the firm. Because people find answers in each of these, we thought it would be important to discuss each one of them.

Where we office

Some people ask, “why is the firm located in Mansfield?” The answer is at once simple and complex. On one level we are located in Mansfield because it is a good place to live and work. Although like every part of the Metroplex, it is growing rapidly, it is still a place where traffic jams are measured in minutes, not hours. Situated in the south central part of the Metroplex, our office is near the country and Joe Pool Lake.

On another level, you can be in most parts of Dallas or Fort Worth within 45 minutes, and Arlington within 15 minutes. Our office is convenient to all parts of the Metroplex. We also find that with technology and our willingness to go to our client’s offices, location is less relevant than it has ever been. Communication is the key, not location. Only about one-third of our clients are in Mansfield. The balance of our clients are located throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area, elsewhere in Texas, and some are in other states.

Clientele and Services

The core of our practice is built around privately-owned businesses, individuals, professionals, small to medium-sized governmental entities, and not-for-profit organizations. We have developed accounting, audit, tax and consulting skills to match our clients’ industries, and size related needs. They expect responsive, personal service with access to our key people.

For many of our clients, their business year and our service to them follow a very logical sequence. Early in the year is a time when we assist many in setting budgets and goals for the year. The middle part of the year naturally involves comparing actual results with budgets, and asking probing questions about variances. The latter part of the year focuses on year-end tax strategies. Logically, the preparation of annual financial statements, and related tax returns concludes this year long involvement.

Our People

We like to think that our people are the most important aspect of defining who we are. We’re not all alike in personality, interests, technical specialties, or age. However, we do have a lot in common. First of all, everyone is a dedicated professional, who is committed to delivering a top professional job for each client. Next, we all try to let the things we can’t control be our stress points; tax deadlines, bad weather, or inevitable computer glitches. We can deal with those stresses, but what we work hard as a team to eliminate are internally generated problems such as office politics. A sense of humor is invaluable in getting through hectic days. Don’t be surprised to visit our offices and hear laughter, or the latest joke. We’re professional, but we don’t think that means being stuffy!

Most important of all, everyone here respects all of his/her colleagues. We appreciate different backgrounds and experiences, and enjoy what we do with each other, and for our clients.