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The firm serves many industries such as State & Local Government, Not for Profit Organizations, Manufacturing, Distribution, Retailers, Professional Service Organizations, and Employee Benefit Plans. These services include many types of entities such as Individuals, Partnerships, Corporations, LLC & LLP's.

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Audits, Reviews, Compilations, and other attest services
Attest services, which are defined by the AICPA, provide a specified level of assurance about financial statements or other financial matters.

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Each of these services results in reports on financial statements or specified elements of financial statements that offer different degrees of assurance on the statements. They are frequently required by the business owner, non profit board, or governmental agency as a means of having independent outside professionals help them assess where they are financially.

Client Accounting
Client accounting as we use the term generally applies to the firm providing historical bookkeeping services for our clients using either our computer and software or theirs.

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For many small and medium sized businesses, having an accounting department is not consistent with their goals and objectives or needs. For such businesses, having a CPA firm such as ours provide that service to them frees them up to focus on what they do best. In many such instances, this means that we do their accounting for them on an after the fact basis using computers in our office. It generally includes providing periodic compiled financial statements, and preparing the underlying accounting detail. As computers and software continue to proliferate, more of our clients are bringing certain aspects of their accounting "in house". For those clients we use a combination of services to continue to provide them with the routine accounting assistance they need. Frequently we are able to review their data from our own offices using PC modems, and can offer advice without regard to the client's location. In other instances, we will go to the client's location, and go over matters with them there.

Income Tax Planning and Preparation
Income tax planning involves before the fact consultation about tax matters. Income tax preparation involves after the fact preparation of the tax return.

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A traditional service provided by CPA firms is the preparation of various kinds of income tax returns. Our firm currently prepares individual, partnership, Corporation (both S and C corps), LLC and LLP's, estate, fiduciary tax, and tax exempt non profit tax returns. In addition to the preparation of tax returns, the firm also assists many of our clients with income tax planning during the year. In this way clients can better prepare for the results of their income tax returns filed after the close of the year.

Peer Reviews
Our firm provides both On-site and Off-site Peer Reviews in accordance with standards promulgated by the AICPA.

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CPA firms are required to undergo a Peer Review by an independent CPA every three years, and file the results with the State Board of Accountancy. Mike Waters, who currently serves on the TSCPA Peer Review Committee, has met the qualifications to serve as a Team Captain in performing Peer Reviews on other firms. In the last five years, he has served as Team Captain on over a dozen reviews.

Software Consulting
Installation and customization of off the shelf software, such as MAS90, Business Works, Quickbooks, Peachtree and Crystal Reports.

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During the past decade, many advances have been made in the power and usefulness of commercially available off the shelf accounting software. Problems with installation and usefulness of these products has lead many clients to seek our help. Vicki Wright and Gil Vollmering have experience with several software packages such as MAS90, Business Works, Quickbooks, Peachtree and Crystal Reports. They have assisted a number of clients with such installations and have provided on-going accounting support.

Business Planning
CPA's are frequently asked for advice about a broad range of general business issues, including how to start up a new business.

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Many clients enjoy having someone with whom they can discuss a wide range of business issues which go beyond the topics of tax andaccounting. As a result of our experience, we have provided input on topics ranging from forecasting and budgeting, to the buying and selling of businesses. Engagements in this area are generally unique to the client requesting the assistance.

Many times small businesses do not want to do their own accounting or cannot find and keep the appropriate accounting talent. A solution to this ever-growing small business problem is to out-source the entire accounting function to us. Under an out-sourcing engagement, our experienced staff works 1,2 or 3 days a week onsite to do all of the accounting function for the business. The company buys only the amount of accounting it needs as opposed to a full-time accountant with all the associated costs. That allows the business owner to focus on their business which is what they do best.

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In the past several years, businesses have looked for ways to leverage their own time and talents by out-sourcing some functions traditionally done in-house. One option is to out-source much of the accounting department including functions such as entering invoices and payments, and running reports, etc. Often times out-sourcing is combined with our client accounting services.