Waters Vollmering & Associates strives to provide a comprehensive package of benefits to its employees. The Firm recognizes that excellent benefits are a required part of being able to attract and retain the best people. The following is a brief summary of our benefit programs. More detailed information will be provided during the interview process for prospective employees

Insurance Plans:

Waters Vollmering & Associates provides a complete package of insurance plans for all full-time employees including:

Major Medical:

Our plan covers up to 80% of eligible charges after your deductible is met. The plan utilizes a Preferred Provider network, but allows you complete freedom to select your own doctors and hospitals. The Firm pays 50% of the cost of the insurance for participating employees.

Life Insurance:

Each employee is provided a group term life insurance policy with a $50,000 death benefit. The cost of this plan is paid by the firm.

Long-term Disability Insurance:

All full-time employees are covered by our long-term disability policy. The policy provides a benefit equal to 60% of compensation with a maximum benefit of $5,000 per month. The firm pays the cost of this plan.

Flexible Compensation Plan:

All employees are eligible to participate in a Section 125 “Cafeteria Plan” that allows employees to elect to reduce their taxable earnings by the amount of their portion of medical insurance premiums.

Retirement Plan:

The Firm maintains an employee retirement savings plan and contributes up to 2% of compensation for all covered employees. Full-time employees become eligible after one year of service. Employees are allowed to contribute to the plan by electing to reduce their taxable compensation by up to $10,500 per year. A summary plan description is available, and more fully describes the 401(k) plan.

Vacation Pay:

Based on the time of service and level of employee, the firm provides paid vacation time which starts at two weeks per year. After five years of service, that amount increases to three weeks.

Sick Leave:

Sick leave is provided for all full-time employees on an as-needed basis.


Most major holidays are observed. In addition, the Firm allows one additional “float” holiday.

Continuing Education:

The Firm provides at least 40 hours per year of formal training to all professional employees. The training is tailored to the specific needs of the employee and involves a variety of internal and external seminars.

CPA Exam:

All professional employees are given time off the sit for the CPA exam.

Professional Dues:

The Firm pays dues to professional organizations.